Welcome to the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug Development Summit!

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is a complex disease, with many different oncogenic drivers, resistance pathways and active immune-evasive mechanisms, which need to be understood to overcome therapeutically with significant clinical efficacy.

The future of NSCLC drug development will be multi-faceted and will involve extensive biopharma collaborations.

Dedicated to accelerating clinical translation of novel therapies and optimizing best-in-class approaches, the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug Development Summit promises unrivalled content covering all major targeted drug and immuno-oncology clinical investigations for the largest global unmet clinical need in solid tumor indications.

Join Global Innovators To:

  • Leverage the knowledge gained from the current EGFR-TKI successes to implement it into strategies for improvement, best application strategies and potential combination partners with AstraZeneca, Puma Biotechnology, Cullinan Oncology and Takeda
  • Unravel the potentials of targeting currently untreatable acquired resistances through small molecules and biologics to develop novel agents against mutations with AbbVie, Merus, Black Diamond, AOM Biosciences and Mirati Therapeutics
  • Dive into the exciting advancements in the NSCLC rare mutations space, with the novel therapies in targeting BRAF, NGR1 fusions and HER2 with Kinnate Biopharmaceuticals, Elevation Oncology and Boeringer Ingelheim
  • Harness the power of the immune system to treat NSCLC by delving into the current best, novel targets and combination strategies to improve patent outlook with Merck & Co, Immutep, BerGenBio and Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Advance the efficacy of companion diagnostics and look to the future of early disease detection, application and differences in patient populations and how combination therapy can best be exploited to beat this drastically unmet clinical need with UAMS, Takeda, Novartis, BloodPAC and Amgen
  • A deep-dive workshop explores how to utilize EGFR-targeting in solid tumors outside of NSCLC with Maverick Therapeutics, Black Diamond Therapeutics and Harvard Medical School

Get 1-2-1 Time With Experts at the Workshop:

  • Examine target identification platforms and characterize dual-target interaction in T-cell engaging therapy
  • Methods of targeting different and multiple EGFR mutations
  • Explore the use of EGFR targeting with small molecules to cross the blood brain barrier
  • Understand the mechanisms underlying the challenges to EGFR targeting in solid tumors and patient population responses