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Why Now?

Despite the vast number of trials taking place within the NSCLC space it remains one of the highest tumor indications of unmet clinical need, with prevalence only set to increase. Focused from late-line through to early-line, the NSCLC Summit addressed how to supercharge pipelines through implementing smart drug design; expert translational medicine; advanced trial design and patient recruitment; and evidence-based combination and sequencing rationale specific to NSCLC.

What Did We Cover?

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Targeted therapies within NSCLC & clinical updates in an array of actionable mutations with Mirati Therapeutics, Blueprint Medicines, Merus, Iteron Tx, Kinnate & Verastem

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Developments in the IO space and how cutting-edge developers are overcoming challenges of patient selection with Sanofi, Molecular Templates, Xcovery & Georgetown University

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The latest in the checkpoint space, with rationale and updates in combination strategy and addressing resistance and adjuvant/ neoadjuvant conversations with Merck & Co, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Immutep

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Optimizing clinical trial design, moving drugs into earlier lines and various stages of the disease with Georgetown University & LUNGevity Foundation