The Osimertinib Story – Innovating & Learning from Every Chapter to Beat T790M Resistance & Advance into Early EGFRm Disease

Time: 9:10 am
day: Day One


  • Chapter 1 – Delivering one of the fastest-ever development programmes: Tackling T790M driven resistance through novel chemistry; creating innovative study designs focused on patient selection, selecting the right dose, driving seamless worldwide trials and registration strategies; and acting fast on what we learned from the data to rapidly expand into first-line and adjuvant settings.
  • Chapter 2 – Today’s focus: Building on yesterday’s foundations to extend osimertinib into early disease to improve patient outcomes.
  • Chapter 3 – Looking ahead, the future focus takes osimertinib a step beyond into more lines of treatment: going further into earlier disease settings; addressing locally advanced, unresectable disease; and unlocking potential for combination opportunities that could be the key to targeting resistance mechanisms