Giovanni Selvaggi

Giovanni Selvaggi

Company: Xcovery

Job title: Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer


Physician Panel Discussion: Challenges & Practical Insights Into Optimizing Drug Sequencing & Patient Enrolment 3:00 pm

Discussing clinical trial design and patient inclusion/exclusion criteria when investigating drug sequencing Challenges in running the trials from a patient selection and management perspective (especially with all the different lines of therapy as inclusion/exclusion/ selection criteria, meaning that many are not enrolled as they have been on a PD1 drug for a short time –…Read more

day: Day Two

Breakfast Panel: Bridging the TKI vs. Immunotherapy Conversations in NSCLC 9:00 am

Discussing stage of cancer, combinations, and order of treatment rationale for the well-validated immunotherapies and TKIs in early lines Exploring shifts of focus between the immune system of the patient (immunotherapies) and the biology of the tumor (tyrosine kinase inhibitors) How can we combine insights from both immune system markers and tumor markers, to be…Read more

day: Day Two

Targeted Therapies in Late Lines of NSCLC: Sequencing & Combination Regimens 5:00 pm

Relevance of sequencing drugs to address resistance Combination regimens to improve efficacy Addressing mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapiesRead more

day: Day One

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