Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, September 20


9am - 11am

Advancements in Disease Understanding & Early
Detection of NSCLC

With many immunotherapies and targeted therapies redefining the
NSCLC treatment landscape, a major hindrance to OS and PFS is that
too often patients are diagnosed too late stage. Through disease
understanding, technology and accessibility discussions, movements
towards earlier detection are happening. This not only improves the
clinical outcome for patients but increases the number of patients
available for therapy and more selective trials, leading to more focused
drug development efforts.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding NSCLC disease pathology, ‘high risk’ and ‘low risk’
  • AI approaches/-omics for understanding NSCLC tumor heterogeneity and molecular signatures for patient stratification
  • How AI ingestion of raw gene expression data from heterogenous patient samples are helping with novel NSCLC drug discovery and development
  • How is this helping recruit patients that are most likely to respond to treatment? How are these approaches helping with toxicity mitigation?
  • Discussions on accessibility, reimbursement and coverage policy
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Lauren Leiman
Executive Director


12pm - 2pm

Preclinical NSCLC: Translating Your Therapy into the Clinic in a Competitive NSCLC Landscape

With an array of targeted & immuno therapies redefining the NSCLC
treatment landscape, many are racing to get their drugs smartly, safely
and efficaciously into the clinic. Understanding how the plethora of
therapies for this vastly unmet disease will play out no matter what your modality is and learning how to differentiate your therapy from others is key.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the NSCLC treatment landscape and understanding where current therapies fit into the broader patient continuum of care
  • Adding context to the approved standards of care – what are the
    benchmarks new therapies must overcome?
  • Visualizing approvals on the horizon, sequence of therapies and line of care in the next 5-10 years
  • Differentiating your approach and optimizing work preclinically
  • Exploring relevant case studies
Ryan Rountree

Ryan Rountree
Senior Director, Preclinical Pjharmacology
Nurix Therapeutics

eric murphy headshot

Eric Murphy
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Alterome Therapeutics