Pre-Conference Workshops - Tuesday, July 13


Utilizing EGFR-Targeted Therapies as a Backbone into the Treatment and Application of Solid Tumors Outside of NSCLC

12.00-15.00 EST | 9.00-12.00 PST


Much of the current data and research in EGFR is specific to NSCLC due to the abundance of EGFR in the lungs. However, EGFR is found to be overexpressed in multiple different cancers and has been an established target.

In solid tumors, notably pancreatic, colorectal and glioblastoma, EGFR targeting has potential to be exploited for therapeutic use.


The pre-conference focus day will cover:

  • Developing a conditionally-active T-cell engager to target EGFR-expressing solid tumors (with MVC-101, a COBRATM)
  • Developing small molecule inhibitors in targeting EGFR in solid tumors (with BDTX-1535)
  • Inhibiting Canonical and Allosteric EGFR Mutations
  • Patient selection and application
  • Overcoming the challenges of selecting against wild type EGFR
  • Developing EGFR TKIs that cross penetrate the brain
  • Combination approaches in solid tumors
  • Changes in approach with different tumor types

Patty Culp
Senior Director
Maverick Therapeutics

Matt Lucas Head Shot

Matt Lucas
Vice President - Chemistry
Black Diamond Therapeutics 


Miguel Garcia-Guzman
Chief Scientific Officer
Rakuten Medical Inc.